New Belgium Brewing (0.3 mi)

5 minute walk


Earth Fare (0.6 mi)

3 minute drive or 14 minute walk


White Duck Taco (1.5 mi)

2 minute drive or 10 minute walk


Wedge Brewing (0.9 mi) and Bull and Beggar (0.9 mi)

3 minute drive or 18 minute walk


Ultra Coffee Bar (0.8 mi)

3 minute drive or 16 minute walk


Downtown (1.6 mi)

6 minute drive or 30 minute walk


Grey Eagle Music Hall (0.7 mi)

2 minute drive or 16 minute walk

Explore Asheville! Dine. Drink. Do.


Walking Distance

New Belgium Food Truck (lunch/dinner seasonally)
Smoky Park Supper Club (dinner)
White Duck Taco Shop (lunch/dinner)
Grey Eagle Taqueria (lunch/dinner)
Taco Billy (breakfast/lunch)
Hole Donut (breakfast/lunch)
Hop Creamery (Friday night Ice Cream Flight Nights)
Fresh Wood Fired Pizza West (lunch/dinner)
All Souls Pizza (lunch/dinner)
Gan Shan West (lunch/dinner)
OWL Bakery (breakfast/lunch)
Pizza Mind (lunch/dinner)
Short Street Cakes (all day)
Salvage Station (dinner)
Tiger Bay (breakfast/lunch)
West Asheville Lounge and Kitchen (WALK) (lunch/dinner/late night)
The Admiral (dinner)
Wednesday Farmer’s Market by All Soul’s Pizza

Driving Distance

Early Girl Eatery West (all day)
Haywood Commons (lunch/dinner)
Sunny Point Café (all day)
Simple Café & Juice Bar (all day)
Oyster House Brewing Company (dinner/late night)
Itto Ramen Bar and Tapas (lunch/dinner)
Tastee Diner (all day)
Zia Taqueria (lunch/dinner/late night)
Standard Pizza (lunch/dinner) West Asheville Tailgate Market (Tuesday Only) 701 Haywood Rd Asheville, NC 28806
Asheville City Market (Saturday Only) 54 North Market Street, Asheville, NC
BimBeriBon (all day)
Foothills Butcher Bar West (lunch/dinner)
The Hop West Ice Cream (all day/late night)
Jargon (dinner)
Dobra Tea Shop (all day)
Asheville Sandwich Company (lunch/dinner)
Westville Pub (lunch/dinner/late night)
Biscuit Head (breakfast/lunch)
West End Bakery (all day)
Nine Mile (lunch/dinner)
Universal Joint (lunch/dinner)
12 Bones (lunch)
Wedge Brewing Company Food Truck (seasonal lunch/dinner)
The Bull and Beggar (dinner)
Vivian (dinner/Sunday brunch)
Taqueria Muñoz Food Truck (Zillicoah) (late lunch/dinner)
French Broad Chocolate Factory (all day)



Walking Distance

New Belgium seasonal concerts
Wedge Brewing Company seasonal outdoor music
Grey Eagle music venue
Guitar Bar music venue

Activities / Amenities / Essentials (to walk or drive to)

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